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Everybody loves a party.

Everybody loves a DIY.

Here's a fast, easy party DIY we love: DIY party chairs.

You'll need : Gold letter stickers and chairs. Doesn't get much easier than that.

Each chair gets one cute word - get creative here.

You will want to pick cheeky words that make sense lined up together. We had 4 chairs on each side of the table, so we chose, "Pop, Fizz, Clink, Yay."

Once you choose your words, make sure your stickers have enough of each letter needed to spell out all of your words. We often need 2+ sticker packages to spell words on a whole set of chairs.

Stylist tip: Tape a piece of paper straight across the "front" side of the chair that you are not sticking letters to, for a nice straight line guide. For example, here we placed stickers on the backs of the chairs, so the front of the chair made a perfect paper "guide" for the tops of our letters.

Cheers to today's DIY, and cheers to the cutest party chairs you ever did see.

Planning, styling, florals, stationery by A Perfect Event

Photos by Gerber & Scarpelli

Beauty by Kate Johnson Artistry

Venue DL Loft


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After selecting your phrases, ensure that your stickers has an adequate quantity of each letter required to accurately spell out all of your chosen words. Frequently, we require more than two sticker packets to accurately spell words on a whole set of chairs. tunnel rush

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