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Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Happiness held is the seed. Happiness shared is the flower. Step inside our happiness.

To me, flowers are happiness. Do you agree?

Here's a peek of one of the most breathtaking events we've ever done: our California Flower Farm Workshop with Ocean View Flowers, sitting on the edge of the Pacific Ocean.

As far as your eye can see - it is peak season flowers - striping the landscape. So magical!

Guests joined us to spend the day learning and designing smack dab in the fields - surrounded by beautiful blooms everywhere we looked. Imagine buckets filled with every possible variety: summer stock, dahlia, larkspur, eucalyptus, and more.

See the giant - almost 7' tall queen anne's lace "wall" behind us? Just incredible!

In the workshop we shared the season's top flower design trends: creating vase arrangements, french hand tied bouquets, and all the diy tips and tricks.

Guests chose favorite vases from our new Debi Lilly Design collection inside Safeway Albertsons stores, and paired these with stems in favorite colors, flowers, and styles as they arranged a vase to take home and enjoy.

The selections of flowers and combinations of colors were so inspiring, and so thoughtful.

As we shared new tips and old tricks, guests asked their own questions about best types of floral care, how to make flowers last longer, and how to set their table for the upcoming parties and family gatherings.

A few favorite take home tips:

To make your flowers last as long as possible, make sure to cut each stem, on an angle, to increase the surface area and water flow.

Always add the packet of flower food to a clean vase, and fill with room temperature water.

The flower stems are often lined with green leaves, which if placed inside the vase can create bacteria in the water quickly. Make sure to remove leaves that will be down in the water, so instead you have a nice, clean green stem.

So many happy faces, working knee deep in the flowers, creating beauty.

A favorite among guests was this beyond beautiful grandmother, who just wanted to learn something new.

Isn't every single guests' vase beautiful? Like a pro?

These were all big favorites - such a mix of texture, color and blooms.

Gasp. Gorgeousness.

The Vordales - two of the flower industry's best and loveliest pros and people.

Oh California, you are such a treasure trove of flower farms. And we simply can't get enough.

Even Mike came along - who by the way is a farmer at heart - growing up in Peoria and spending lots of family time, weekends and summers on his family's produce farm.

Raise your bouquet if you learned a little something new - and love flowers!

Cheers to our flower farms, and famers, and families, and all the beauty they create everyday.

Flower Farm Ocean View Flowers

Photography Danielle Honea



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