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Love like lights up the whole sky.

Today we want to take you inside the lovely, beautiful, happy day Kari and Trey were married.

We've worked with brides for so many years, but Kari was special. In each and every conversation for months and month, her sole focus was how to make every single moment of the wedding fun for her friends and family.

Our beautiful Chicago River - always a stunning backdrop for weddings and celebrations.

Swoon...move over Carrie Bradshaw. All the decadent details a bride could ever dream of...

Our handsome groom Trey - the life of the party.

Custom, handwritten love note cufflinks make for the absolute perfect wedding gift.

Gasp! A total fairy tale moment, for the loveliest, kindest person in the world.

Squad stunning are the pale blush bridesmaid dresses?

Writing love notes to each other to open and read, as you both get ready and dressed, is surely a favorite moment of a wedding day. And, something for you and your families to treasure as you grow old together.

Better yet, write each other a love letter again each anniversary, to open and read, at the same time you were getting ready on your wedding day. There is no gift more precious than love letters, don't you agree?

Kari's beautiful bridal bouquet, composed of roses, spray roses, ruskus, seeded eucalyptus and hints of soft vintage baby's breath. It was adorned with a locket and photograph of her dear father.

First look fun and love...

And laughter.

And Kari and Trey being their fabulous funny selves, as always.

The rooftop of Trump Hotel on the river is all the goals, for capturing moments like these.

From the rooftop, to the riverfront, and now off we go into trolleys to the ceremony.

Here comes the bridal party...and boy, are they ever ready to get it started.

Mrs. Miller - your custom jean jacket is epic. We are in love.

Stay tuned for part 2 - the celebration - up next on Wednesday's blog.

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