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Who's ready for an IRL in real life week long floral fantasy camp on Nantucket?

Join us the end of June for a dream of a floral cooking sailing sunset soirée, as we bring you to DLCottage with Girl's Guide to Paris.

Join us along with the infamous Doni Belau, and her gorgeous 47' sailboat "Relish".

After all, what's not to relish about summer 2021?

We's time to safely gather in a small, socially distant group, and soak in the beauty of nature, Nantucket and all the bliss and peace that goes with it.

Let's tiptoe through the climbing roses together, creating, strolling, sipping, tasting, as we sunset sail away.

And if you love flowers, as you can see, we've worked up a dream of a week in floral fantasyland for you.

We'll do some walking, some floral work-shopping, some garden touring, some bouquet making, and work alongside you to make the week your own.

And - perhaps my all time favorite - some Main Street farm truck shopping (above). I mean...does it get any more adorable than this?

We can't wait to see you, and celebrate life, love and beauty together on Nantucket.

You'll find all the gorgeous, delicious details shared here:

Let us know how we can help with any questions or next steps - a bientot!

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