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Looking for a fresh idea to celebrate Mother's Day this year?

How about a DIY Shoot Soiree for all your mama friends and their littles?

Style up your home or a favorite neighborhood space with diy decor, a cocktail, a few bites to eat, and have a photographer friend come capture memorable moments.

We're sharing our top 5 styling tips for the perfect Mother's Day Soiree, and they go like this...

Tip 1: Balloon Backdrop

Create a eye catching backdrop. Oversize balloons add a huge wow factor in an instant. Spell out mom or love in gold balloons for a pop of color. Or add fringe tassels or green leaves like ivy or ruskus to balloon strings to create a background full of color.

You can purchase oversize round "bubble" balloons (called bubble as they are perfectly round like a bubble, instead of an oval balloon) and tassel garlands from any local party store. Fill them up with helium (or order them filled) and tie on the details. So pretty!

Tip 2: Props

Any styled shoot today - especially with moms and babies - is all about flower crowns. These can be premade, ready to go before the party, or made as mamas and littles arrive using wire, greens and flowers.

Guests can choose stems of greens like ivy, seeded eucalyptus, silver dollar eucalyptus or ruskus, and then choose flower colors and styles to set ontop the greens. Simply twist or wrap wire around them in a circular motion to secure, and wrap into a circular crown shape.

Other fun prop ideas: big bloom flowers like peony, garden roses to hold or tuck behind ears, fun colorful sunglasses, crowns, and floral or ribbon headbands.

Tip 3: Rugs

Layer in a furry floakati rug to add dimension to the foreground, and a soft, textural touch.

Tip 4: Bites

Don't forget a few beautiful bites for all for your hardworking these fast and easy Caprese Tarts. So pretty!


Phyllo Tart Shells (found in freezer at grocery)

Boursin Cheese

Mini Tomatoes (we love a variety of colors like yellow, orange, red)

Mini Cucumber

Fresh Mint

Black pepper

Warm tart shells in oven, to crisp, according to package directions.

Fill shells with Boursin.

Halve tomatoes, to form bite size pieces. Place slice side up into cheese.

Slice cucumbers, place into cheese.

Add mint leaf to garnish, and grind with fresh black pepper to taste.

Serve room temperature.

Another favorite for spring is Brie Peach Crostini.


Small bite size crackers or toasts for crostini (these are Beet crackers from grocery)

Brie Cheese



Fresh Thyme

Black pepper

Place crackers or toasts onto platter.

Slice brie into thin bite size pieces. Place onto crackers.

Slice proscuitto into strips, fold ontop cheese.

Slice peaches into long thin pieces. Place ontop proscuitto.

Add thyme to garnish, and grind with fresh black pepper to taste.

Serve room temperature.

Sprinkle cookies are another favorite - for a little sweet treat. Simply place your favorite sugar cookies (we love the french Madeline, and Palmier) from your favorite bakery or grocery store, drizzle with icing (the tubes found in the baking aisle, grocery store).

Optional - add sprinkles for a pop of color.

This takes just a few minutes - and the display is so pretty.

Tip 5: Cocktails

What would a Mother's Day party be without some cocktails?

One of our favorite DIYs: floral ice cubes. Fill ice trays with water and small edible blooms or petals and let freeze overnight. Place into a champagne bowl for an ice bucket, or into glasses for a gorgeous ice display.

Another idea: Fill a punch bowl with a mix of juice, and top with floral ice or just edible blooms for an easy entertaining self serve bar. Moms can add champagne, and the little can enjoy the punch.

To match your festive floral crowns and props serve up a Floral Fizz.


1 part Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice

1 part Champagne

Pour over ice, and top with an edible flower.*

*We sell edible blooms at A Perfect Event, if helpful!

3 weeks until Mother's Day, so let's style it up, and say cheese!

Florals by A Perfect Event

Photos by Hallie Duesenberg

Food photos by Matt Green for JewelOsco

Venue DL Loft



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