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Are you ready for some football? September means Friday Night Lights - and we're sharing all our favorite tips, trends and tailgate fun.

Tune in tomorrow, Monday 9:30am as we share all our favorite tailgate recipes, games and party trends on WGN tv, just in time for the Chicago Bears home opener.

Easy to display silverware cups are as easy as wrapping soup cans with brown paper, and taping white washi tape like football laces.

Pro tip: Have one silverware caddy for each type of silverware, with the fork tines or spoon or knife facing "up", so they are easy to identify, grab and go.

Tiny loaded "football" mini potatoes (new potatoes) are as easy as roasting potatoes in the oven til soft and crispy, then cooling, slicing top open, and layering sour cream, bacon, chives.

Place black and white striped "referee" paper ontop platters and trays for themed football fun.

Fall means chowder season. Corn chowder in mini cocottes topped with biscuits and dill? Mix up your favorite soups from chili to tomato basil - and serve up fresh from the pot in small paper cups or bowls.

What goes with football? Beer. And chocolate covered bacon.

Cook bacon until cripsy, let cool. Drizzle with chocolate icing, let harden.

We never met a mini chicken n waffle that we didn't love. And neither did anyone else.

Pro tip: toast up mini waffles on a cookie sheet til crispy, and top with fried chicken pieces. Drizzle with maple syrup, garnish with black pepper and thyme.

Ok, maybe the tailgate highlight - and always a crowd favorite: Walking Tacos.

Slice mini bags of Frito's across the front to create a "bowl". Top with taco meat (a variety of meats is fun: beef, chicken, even ground lamb), and add shredded cheese, lettuce, tomato.

Who's ready to tailgate away this fall? We are. Go team go.

Planning, styling, stationery by A Perfect Event



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