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Showering baby is sweeter in summer. DIY your perfect in 6 easy steps.

Step 1:

Design colorful floral to place around the room: down the table, on coffee table, and bar are our favorite focal points.

Step 2:

Bright and bold - and glitter - balloons make a fun party accent to fill large windows and walls.

Step 3:

Display fun mom and dad and family, friend photos around the room on mirrors and walls to create an interactive photo gallery.

Step 4:

Sweets bars are always a good idea. Make sure to coordinate the palette to baby boy or baby girl - in this case, lots of pink!

Step 5:

Dress up your bar with DIY paper straw tags.

Step 6:

Premixed specialty drinks or "mocktails" custom to mom and dad are a favorite party detail.

Cheers to baby - and to summer!

Photos by Nicole Jansma

Sweets by Toni's Patisserie

Location DL Loft



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