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Strong mothers...strong daughters. Let's celebrate mom - who always brings the sunshine!

Mom makes our world go 'round, so let's pop the bubbles and toast to our #1 with a spring themed Sunday Brunch Soiree.

Citrus hued pastels set the perfect tabletop. Coral spray roses, hyperifum berry and soft neutral white summer stock create a soft, feminine collection of flowers down the table.

Pro tip:

Place a collection of multiple smaller vases down the table, so guests can each take one home as a party favor when the party ends.

Layer in pretty pastel pillar candles - no matter the time of day - for beautiful ambience and flickering candlelight. So many think candles don't add the magic in bright daylight - but - alas, they sure do!

Serve up mom's favorite meal - of course - for her big day. Have the whole family pitch in to whip up her family recipes, or - if easier - order take out from her favorite local neighborhood spots. Don't worry if you don't have time to make the meal from scratch - it's the time together that matters - not who made what.

Oh how we love you mums - thank you for your lifelong commitment to kindness. And showing us the way. Cheers to you - today and always.

Styling / Stationary A Perfect Event

Florals Debi Lilly Design for Albertsons Safeway

Photographer Gerber Scarpelli

Venue DL Loft



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