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Halloween happy for family and friends is as easy as our 1, 2, 3 diy details.

Diy 1- Bottle wraps

Wrap cocktail bottles with black and white patterned papers, and tie with a knot of stripey twine, criss crossed a few times around the bottle to finish. Add in a pop of color with a coordinating straw, and voila - ready to serve.

Stylist tip -

Display chilled bottles as guests arrive on trays with scattered halloween candy.

Diy 2 - Bat Straws

Cut short, 3" long pieces of black ribbon. Tie into a knot on straws, like bat wings. Cut ends to make proper "wing" length on tied.

Pro Tip -

Pretty Posies on tables are as easy as filling seasonal drinking glasses and/or vases with autumnal blooms, like spray roses, lady's mantle, hypericum berry, and more.

Sweets Tip -

My sweet Gigi always tucked candy treats around her home, into her party table no matter how formal the occasion. It's a fun, friendly way to create small surprises for guests young and old alike.

Diy 3 - Bats in Forks

Cut paper bats with black construction paper, and tuck into fork tines for a silly, spooky touch at each setting.

Diy 4 - Sweets Trays

Cut patterned paper in halloween patterns, colors and hues and line your serving platters for a fun pop of color on the sweets table. Dress with sweets like cupcakes, cookies, and more.

Stylist Secret -

101 ways to use a champagne coupe - and candy coupes are one of our favorites.

Mix in popcorn flavors like cheddar, caramel, peppercorn for a sweet and savory fall treat.

Happy halloween hauntings to you and yours. How do you plan to celebrate the season? Share all your favorites - and we'll do the same. Cheers.



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