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Mother's Day Sunday is a coming...just a few more weeks.

And they say a photo is worth a thousand words...

This year, create a thoughtful DIY Floral Photo Bouquet for mom in 2 easy steps.


Pull together your favorite pictures of you and mumsy. Choose the best one, and print off in a small size to tuck into a floral bouquet.

We love polaroids, so we printed off our photo with a white border, on white cardstock, and cut it with a paper cutter to emulate the traditional polaroid style and shape.


Using mumsy's favorite flowers (I love spray roses, and bicolor tulips, shown here) create a vase or teacup full of blooms. Teacups or even juice glasses make a great look set at the table for Sunday brunch, or on her bedroom breakfast tray, delivered Mother's Day morning.

Tuck the favorite photo with mama into the florals, for a personal, beautiful keepsake. This is a beautiful gesture placed inside a paper wrapped bouquet, or flowering plant, as well.

They say the most special gift a mother can receive, is one made with love. Mother's Day isn't about fancy gifts - it's about your love. And your thoughts. And a little kindness. And always, always, your gratitude.

Planning, styling, florals, stationery by A Perfect Event

Photos by Nicole Jansma

Vintage china by Festive Frog



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