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Baby showers are all about tiny little baby details for mama. And to make mama (and her cravings) and guests happy, the menu should be plentiful. A great bar setup, easy grab and go bites, and cute sweets are the key to a great party .


Every bite of food is made cuter with a paper party accessory. Add party picks to hors d'oeuvres for a colorful touch, and wrap washi tape onto straws and picks for fun paper flags.

Pro tip:

Food tags make parties easier. Detailing what you are serving onto paper tags allows guests with food allergies to relax and enjoy, knowing what they can or cannot eat during the party without having to ask before taking a bite. Plus - fun, colorful paper patterns add whimsy to your display.


Oh hello beautiful bar. Featuring a few premixed cocktails (or cocktails for mama) is a great way to set the bar. Guests interact helping themselves, and you won't be stuck behind the bar throughout the party.

Create themed, personalized names for your cocktails that have to do with mama, the gender, or babies. Again, labeling ingredients helps guests see what the options are.

Designer tip:

Paper straws with washi tape "tags" are a must on the bar for cocktails. They add such style to guest drinks and pull in the party color story element. Click here to shop our Debi Lilly Style straws.

Adding fruit or edible blooms to drink recipes turns a cocktail from boring to fabulous with one scoop.

Another secret to a high style cocktail? Floral ice cubes. Simply fill up your ice tray with water and edible florals or rose petals, let freeze overnight, and place on the bar just before guests arrive.


Currently trending are small bites as opposed to a large entree size serving. At a party, it's often tricky to seat every guest at a table. A big, high energy trend is grazing, and tasting bars, with lots of smaller, bite size menu items. With grab and go tastes, guests can mix and mingle easily as they eat and drink.

Small, but hearty, one bite appetizers that are fresh and colorful make the best recipes. Provide small bites that taste as delicious as they look. Items that are served room temperature are also easier on the host or hostess, and can be set an hour before guests arrive.


Slice melon into bite size chunks.

Wrap with a slice of prosciutto.

Insert pick into prosciutto to hold in place, and stand upright on tray.

Click here to shop our party picks.


Slice cucumbers into rounds, thick enough to act like a cracker.

Spread with thick schmear of herb cream cheese.

Top with chunk of smoked salmon (we love the peppery, "pastrami" style if you can find it.

Garnish with Everything Bagel Seasoning.

p.s. Everything Bagel Seasoning is our addiction and should be sprinkled on everything! Ha.

Party Cones are a charming way to service salty snacks. Chicago style popcorn (cheese and caramel in combo) can seem plain, but pop it in a colorful cone and top with fresh herbs like rosemary and thyme, and your popcorn just turned gourmet.

Click here to shop our party cones.

Pro tip:

Fill a bowl with white rice (uncooked, right from the bag). Place cones into rice for a fast, easy stand up display.


A little bit of everything, please. You can never have too many sweets. This is such a gorgeous display of party color. Mix it up with some candies, some cookies, each displayed in glass bowls or vases.

Unicorn cookies. Enough said.

Sprinkle Macs make sweets bars taste better. And prettier. And...

Cheers to baby - and all the baby sips + bites!

Planning, styling, florals, stationery by A Perfect Event

Custom cookies by Toni Patisserie

Photos by Roots of Life

Location DL Loft


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It includes tips for creating a stylish and practical party, such as using paper party accessories, setting up a themed bar with personalized cocktails, and serving small, bite-sized appetizers. The text also provides a recipe for a specific appetizer called "Melon Lollipops" and suggests where to shop for party picks and straws at my location now

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