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Tuesday just got happier. Step inside our let's get happy team field trip.

C'mon - get happy!

Happy Place, a colorful warehouse pop up, is open for fun this summer in Chicago.

Have you gone yet? We took our team (and darling interns) inside for a bit of summer fun.

Room upon room of the warehouse is full of bright, whimsical props + pops of colorful style.

Pro tip: If you love photos (like we do), make sure to buy your tickets as a group with friends so you can have someone photograph each area, and all take turns posing and snapping.

Who doesn't love to see explosions of crazy happy color, and step inside creative, clever displays that make you smile? We sure do!

Stripes AND gumballs? Ummm...all the yes.

Gold lamé streamer rooms to spin and dance around? Sign me up.

Florabunda rooms that you climb up a ladder to step into, a la Willy Wonka? Yep.

Love and laughter and happily ever after...and kisses.

Perhaps the ultimate happy...jumping like a crazy kid into a giant sunny ball pit.

I mean...I'm ready to buy more tickets just to feel this free again.

Queue the confetti...

And the disco ball wall.

Let's get happy Chicago! Hope to see you there - and celebrate summer in 3D color - soon.

For more information and tickets:



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