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Updated: Mar 23, 2018

Oh what fun. This bridal shower though... 

Stunning in all aspects - from our bride, Shannon, to the garden party floral, the bright blue sky, and the Botanic Garden setting, this day was but a dream.

Chicago Botanic Garden is a beautiful venue for parties, showers, and weddings. Throwing a botanic party works well anywhere - your backyard, park, and even indoor spaces by pulling in lots of color and floral accents. 

3 stylist secrets to keep in mind: 

1. NATURAL LIGHT: If you are lucky enough to throw your own garden party in the summer, try to choose timing that allows for guest arrival with bright light, so guests can take in all the details as they arrive. If you are having your event indoors, perhaps in cooler months, stick to a room full of lots of windows and hope for a bright, sunny day. Natural light is important to any party and creates a soft, beautiful vibe.

2. LOTS OF COLOR: The more color the better. Pulling in all colors from the surrounding space is a great start to tie everything together. For a feminine palette, pull in pinks, oranges, and yellows to give your event a happy hue.

3. STICK TO THE THEME: In everything you do, work to make sure the welcome sign, specialty cocktails, menu, and everything else is full of the theme - in this case: flowers. Having a party in the garden is the first step, but its all the little details that really make the event a show stopper. Guests love the wow as they arrive and feel like they have stepped into another world - or enchanted garden party.

Trend: Bride's Chair

Have the bride or guest of honor open her (or his) gifts in a beautiful, focal point chair. Add greenery, a floral garland and ribbon to any chair you may have.

Trend: Menus

Menus at each setting help dress up the plate, and list out the food choices for each course. Today guests have so many food allergies, this detailed menu can help avoid dietary issues as the courses are served.

Trend: Personalized Favors

Setting the favor at each placesetting with a personalized placecard helps add detail and style to the table, as well as making it easy for guests to find their seat once the meal is served.

Pull colors from your decor into your menu and mini bites to make the theme complete. 

The garden theme carries perfectly into the menu with edible blooms added to salads, cocktails, herbs to savory and sweet bites, and berries as a pretty garnish.

Cheers to the garden - and all the botanic beauty it adds to every celebration.

Planning, decor,  florals, favors, stationery by A Perfect Event

Venue Chicago Botanic Garden

Photos by Roots of Life



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