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Time to holiday. But chocolate bar chic. And here's how.

What does Christmas morn mean to you? To me, it means cocoa...and blueberry pancakes. My mom always made a big pot of hot cocoa on the stove, and served in up in white mugs topped with marshmallows. Once I had kids, the cozy Christmas morning memory also included their little voices arguing over whose mug had more marshmallows...ha!

Set a winter tasting bar scene with trays of mugs, cocoa, and all the mix ins and toppings guests crave.

Customize a message board with cheeky cocoa sayings, to set the tone for the pretty party.

Fill jars with mix ins like whip cream, cinnamon sticks, meringues, coconut, marshmallows and all the cute cookies.

Garnish mugs with candy lips, skewered onto our Jingle all the Way party picks.

Cheers to cocoa, and cozy Christmas memories with family and friends.

Flowers, Planning, Stationery: A Perfect Event

Party Favors, Gift Tags: Debi Lilly Style

Photography: Nicole Jansma

Venue: DL Studio



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