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Updated: Mar 23, 2018

Babies are always in bloom.

Mamas who love to dance party, have baby showers full of dance party details. Most baby showers take place in the afternoon and are often a casual brunch or lunch. Why not mix it up, make it an evening cocktail party, and dance til dawn (or til the mamas - or hostesses - drop.)

Big, dramatic balloon displays create a modern day disco - complete with pink peonies coming out of every corner.


Yes yes, pink and blue for baby showers, of course, of course. But have some fun with it - using varied, different shades of the chosen color makes the room pop. Use similar "sister" colors for a fot palette, like peach, pale pink and hot pink to create dimensional hues around the room.

Coral Charm Peonies are always in style, and equal dreamy pink perfection.

Welcome guests at the front door with a custom banner added into a simple wreath for a fun focal point as everyone arrives.


Future mamas love all the things about their new little one. Custom details like a "hello gorgeous" welcome sign, clever cocktail signs, and take home favors are fun places for sassy mama of honour phrases. The more fun baby sayings the better to help both mom and guests soak it all in.

Create insta moments - aka instagram moments - throughout the party. Cluster balloons in all shapes, colors, and sizes behind a chair for the perfect photo opportunity for guests.

Use a chic wrapping paper, contact paper or wallpaper roll for a DIY runner. Unroll across the length of the table and voila, instant style.

Cheeky custom napkins kept the guests laughing all night long...

Bloom, baby, bloom...gimme all the pink peony. And gold...


This is a favorite "game" for a baby shower. Select a big vase, wrap it with ribbon (in the color palette of course) and create a tag reading, "Parent Tip Jar". Design a mini notecard asking guests all sorts of fun questions on how Mama/Papa To Be will deal with motherhood/fatherhood such as, "The secret to a Hhappy baby is..." and "Never forget to..."

Fresh sprigs of greens add life and texture to the balloon garlands and decor.

We love a favor that guests can enjoy during the party - and after the party, like fun insta moment heart shaped sunnies.

Cheers to dancing - and babies - and beautiful parties for friends we love.

Planning, styling, florals, stationery by A Perfect Event

Venue DL Loft

Photos by Roots of Life



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Thank you for the favor that guests may enjoy before, during, and after the party, such these adorable heart-shaped sunglasses geometry dash breeze that are perfect for capturing moments on Instagram.


We appreciate a favor that attendees can partake in both during and after the celebration, such as heart-shaped sunglasses that provide an enjoyable Instagram moment. geometry dash online

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