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Updated: Mar 23, 2018

You know what they say...something new, something blue...

This year it's both everything new, and everything blue. And we mean all shades of blue: soft pale "winter pastels" (the big fashion runway hue) to dusty grey blue, to teal. 

Did you know blue is the most popular color in design? It's calming, it's neutral and everyone is drawn to it.

Stylist tip: pops of warm golds and coppers add a gorgeous metallic luster to soft pastels.

Adorable handpainted sugar cookies layer in a lovely modern marble design. Add a pretty ribbon and custom tag around the petite treat for a perfect party favor.

Style that table. Unique, personal touches at each setting like placecards, fresh blooms, and thoughtful favors add elegance and interest. Candles always add warmth and enhance lighting - from tall tapers, to low votive candles.

Trend: Agate Placecards

Purchase slices of agate (available at A Perfect Event, online, craft stores) and using a paint pen, calligraphy guest names on the top. It is a beautiful element to add to your plates, and a gorgeous keepsake take home favor.

Trend: Balloon Quotes

Dress up your party balloons by adding gold foil stickers to spell out cheeky words like YAY, HOORAY, CHEERS.

Trend: Texture

Add all the texture to your florals with meadowy greens like Fern and Dusty Miller.

Trend: Paper Scrolls

Take a large roll of paper, slide a pretty ribbon through the tube, and write a fun saying on the front with a wide paint pen. Tie the ribbon to hang on a mirror, wall, or door. Notch the end of the scroll into a "v"for a perfect finishing touch.

Trend: Macaron Cakes

Top party cakes or cupcakes with macarons - and a few blooms - for a beautiful DIY touch.

Trend: His and Hers Drinks

Many parties have signature cocktails, and for a wedding party we love bride and groom, or his and her (or his and his, or her and her), specialty drinks. Premix these up in advance and have ready to serve in pretty drink jars. This is a great way to keep service at the bar self serve, yet fast and easy.

Trend: Tasting Bars

Serve easy to eat foods that guests can easily taste and enjoy. Donut hole lollipops are as easy as wooden skewers + donut holes, with a fruit jam dipping sauce.

Trend: Food Tags so Fresh

Clementines or fresh citrus fruit tied with a twine food tag make the perfect brunch detail.

Pro tip: Label foods on tasting bars with ingredients, for guests who have allergies to easily identify any issues quickly, allowing everyone to dine and enjoy each bite.

Cheers to you - let's party.

Planning, decor, florals, favors, stationery by A Perfect Event

Photos by Gerber & Scarpelli

Venue DL Loft

Tabletop Rentals by The Festive Frog

BBJ Linen

Balloons by Tommy

Sweets by Toni Patisserie

Buffet by Blue Plate Catering

Beauty by GoldPlaited



This past weekend, we had a few of our friends over for a little brunch party and it was simply the best! dinosaur game


It's so true that blue is such a popular color in design! I love the idea of incorporating different shades of blue into a party theme. The pops of warm golds and coppers sound like a perfect complement to the soft pastels. And those handpainted sugar cookies with a modern marble design sound absolutely adorable! Speaking of parties, have you ever considered using a time card calculator to help keep track of hours worked for party planning or any other events?


A lunch full of flowers like this looks so romantic io games


I like to design everything in blue at the party, It looks very gentle and classy. flappy bird


Jul 19, 2022

Good post))

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