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Ready to load up on love? And laughter? And wedding celebration joy?

Kari and Trey chose the beautiful 1911 building Bridgeview Art Center, and it's Skyline Loft floor for the ceremony and reception.

The raw, elegant warehouse architecture pairs perfectly with soft ivory draping, crystal chandelier, and flickering candles, non?

And the natural, organic french country chair look spectacular in this setting.

At last - it's time for a wedding.

Kari, taking center stage, and her beautiful maids in blush.

Here comes the bride. Gasp.

We're blushing...Kari's best friends, beautiful new daughter, and best man were completely stunning in the softest pink hue.

During their breathtaking handwritten vows, there were many happy tears, many laughs, and many heartmelting stories of love.

Now, let's get the party started, shall we?

Room with a view - errr Skyline Loft with a view - shall we say?

Roaming oyster bars, anyone? As a chef, bride Kari clearly knows how throw a cocktail hour.

Charcuterie never looked so lovely. Cakestands topped with meats, cheeses, and vases filled with every possible delicious bread you can imagine.

Time to find your seat - dinner is served.

To accompany the beautiful candle and floral collection at each table, calligraphied menus listed each course and the chef's tasting bar stations highlighted around the room.

An amuse bouche from the chef included a trio of soup sips: Tuscan Tomato, Creamy Cauliflower and Roasted Sweet Potato served in gorgeous stemmed glassware.

The bridal party table featured cascading greens, dozens of candles in varied heights, and the beautiful bridal party bouquets repurposed into vases for soft, romantic accents.

Big, colorful tasting bars were filled with chef Kari's favorite party menus: grilled balsamic vegetables...

Mongolian Beef, Stir Fried Noodles...

Bright, fresh Veggie Shu Mai and all the asian fixings.

Lobster Fra Daivolo and Osso Bucco - every guest's dream decadent wedding menu.

All to be finished off with a champagne toast - and vegan donut cake! Kari is a vegan, and incorporated thoughtful vegan touches throughout the wedding menu, while also sharing lifelong family favorites for a well rounded menu for everyone.

And then, this happened! Dancing always better with inflatable guitars and sunnies.

Don't you agree?

These two...heartmelt.

Now, if you thought you were having fun before - it's finally time for Cham-bongs.

Trey custom built the trio of walls just for the wedding - aren't they incredible?

Each chambong glass is filled with champagne, and guests simply select their glass, sip (shoot) and enjoy!

Best wishes to you Kari and Trey - oh how we loved helping celebrate your wedding day.

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