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Somehow it's already Labor Day. Poof. Summer's end. The very last day to soak in the summer sun. So let's spend the day strolling through the Paris market, shall we?

Bienvenue a Marché Biologique Raspail, held every Sunday morning on Boulevard Raspail, in St Germain.

This my friends, is the museum of marchés.

Every single produce display is curated like a piece of art.

I dream about this market all year long.

I find myself thinking for hours...for days about what I saw on display that morning.

Every single color pops like a painting, non? And the tomatoes in France...they are exquisite.

And I don't even like tomatoes. I eat them in two places in the world: Paris and Nantucket. By some magical farming forces these two dreamy towns grow tomatoes that taste like sweet, delicious candy.

Part of the glorious displays are all the beautiful wooden market boxes, non?

My mama's been known to pick a few of these right off the top of a pretty pile in the street, and pack them right in her carry on bag. Genius. Especially when they are branded with your favorite restaurant in all of Paris on the sides. (Which, if taking notes, is Frenchie Wine).

This stall only sells fresh herbs - and she wraps each bundle with beautiful kraft paper like a tiny bouquet. Swoon.

See what I mean? Only in France.

This magical farmer lays each of her perfectly brown organic hen eggs into baskets of straw.


And the fromage - cheese - ooh la la.

And last, but never least, les fleurs. Just breathtaking, don't you think?

They sell so much more than veggies, cheese, flowers, bien sur. Mom bought a beautiful cashmere scarf, complete with a private lesson on how to tie like a Parisian.

Oh and you're in such good company here a la Marche Bio...the legend herself Patricia Wells is picking up her fresh organic veg right alongside our favorite chef author baker Dorie Greenspan, and glamorous Juliet Binoche shopped one Sunday here with us as well.

Remind me to tell you about lunch with Dorie the next day - c'est magique! It's magic.

Cheers to September - the last hurrah for farmer's markets - be sure to get to yours soon.

For more info and details, Marché Biologique Raspail.

To meet the beautiful Patricia Wells, click here.

And please meet the uber talent Dorie Greenspan, here.



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