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Wishing you bountiful blessings on this Thanksgiving day, and always.

May your table overflow with health, happiness, laughter and deliciousness.

May all your plates and settings share your lovely, thoughtful touch.

Did you know Thanksgiving as a big fun national holiday was made famous by a 19th century author, poet and magazine editor Sarah Hale (who also penned the famous “Mary Had a Little Lamb”)?

She was highly patriotic, read about the 1621 feast of the Pilgrims and became captivated with the idea of turning it into a national holiday.

As editor she published in the famous Godey’s Lady’s Book magazine big glorious recipes for turkey and stuffing and pumpkin pie and started traditions that had nothing to do with colonists.

She began a lobbying campaign to persuade President Abraham Lincoln to make Thanksgiving an official annual holiday, using her magazine to build public support by writing an editorial every year starting in 1846.

She sent letters to all the governors in the entire United States and territories.

In 1863, President Lincoln did set Thanksgiving as an official holiday to be celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November every year.

How amazing is that?

In 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt agreed to move the Thanksgiving holiday to the third Thursday of November. Why?

To help the economy by making the Christmas shopping season just a little bit longer.

There was so much opposition to the move that two years later he changed it to the fourth Thursday in November. Ha!

Then there’s the myth of how the presidential pardon of a turkey started...

The tradition goes all the way back to 1989, when President George H.W. Bush officially pardoned the first one.

A common myth gives credit to 1863, and President Abraham Lincoln’s 10-year-old son, Tad.

Tad became fond of a turkey given to the family for a holiday feast. He named the turkey Jack and begged his father to save the animal.

Lincoln did. The only problem with this myth as a Thanksgiving story is that Tad’s plea was to save the Christmas turkey...or so the legend goes.

Cheers to all of you, our wonderful friends who gather with us weekly to celebrate life and love, be it in person or on the these blog pages.

We raise our glass and we thank you!

We are grateful to you, and love sharing a bit of our family, friends and clients together.

To you we say: have a happy day with your loved ones - full of both thanks and giving.

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