Time to talk top NYEve party bites, and let the adventure into a whole new decade begin.

Rule #1 for this New Year's Eve: create a colorful, vibrant holiday feasting table.

Hints of flowers, lots of candles, and abundant pretty produce are three trends to dress your table.

We can't live - or throw a party - without Matsumoto oranges this season. The beautiful green leaves and stems take your table to the next level - and yet right from the grocery aisle.

Layer in pops of color with winter citrus and fruits like pomegranates, pears, apples and more for bright hues that bring your party to life. And best of all - this is easy to set a day or two prior to the party - like today - so you can focus on food before your guests arrive.

If there is one big food trend we love from 2019 - it is big, beautiful tasting boards. At the top of our must serve list: the Caprese Board.

Layer up a collection of cheeses from mini mozzarella balls, fresh mozza slices, burrata, herbed goat chese and all the tomatoes in all the colors and sizes.

We love mini cherry tomatoes in red, orange, yellow, and heirloom tomatoes on the stem, as well as halved small tomatoes, sliced tomatoes, whole tomatoes - to give the board variety and dimension.

Tuck in fresh basil by the pile, bowls of pesto, toasts and breads - and you've got a gorgeous spread fit for every palette and diet - from vegan to veg to paleo and more.

Pesto quinoa - one of our favorite healthy spreads - adds color and protein to the board in small bowls.

Next up: the charcuterie trend. Always, always a crowd favorite at any party.

Similar to the steps above for the caprese board, create "piles" of rolled up sliced meats including rosemary ham, salamis, capicola, speck and other fresh sliced meats right from the deli aisle of your grocery.

Fresh crudité adds dimension and another level of healthy dietary options: sliced baby carrots, zucchini, radish and pickled vegetables are all top choices.

Jars of mustards, jams, chile honey and pickles add texture and flavor to the board, and make a perfect anchor in the center.

Everyone loves a deviled egg - so let's make a whole board!