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Chic summertime style for your next celebration in 5 steps...are you ready? Let's go.

Step 1:

Unroll our marble table runner down the table, the bar, the buffet, the sweets table...

It's eco friendly recycled paper style in an instant. And just $20 - voila. Click here to shop.

Step 2:

Layer glass bottles ontop, filled with our favorite white phalaeonopsis orchids. Dreamy!

Step 3:

Add in votive candles for a pop of warmth and romance. No matter the occasion or the time of day, it's always all about candles.

The marble runner has flecks of gold and copper as well as grays in the veins, so these colors mix perfectly as a soft accent.

Step 4:

Roll napkins into a "cigar" shape, by folding them in half, then rolling up, and placing edge facing down.

Step 5:

Top napkin roll with an orchid bloom, for the perfect summer finish.

Note - save this last step for just a few minutes before guests arrive, to help the bloom look perfect during the party.

Summer neutrals - how we love you. You make our tables cool as a cucumber - even in the heat of July. Cheers.

Styling/ Florals/ Table Runner A Perfect Event

Venue DL Loft


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