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Top o' the mornin' to you! Ready to St. Pat's the day away? Let's go.

First up: Breakfast fun.

Let' style up a St Patricks' Day Donut Bar, shall we? Fresh baked donuts, sprinkles, gummies, even colorful macaron make picture perfect toppings. And fabulous family fun for breakfast.

And let's not forget gold candy coins - Lucky Charms - cotton candy - and everyone's favorite: Fruity Pebble Krispy Bars! Break up larger size treats into bite size pieces, and place ontop the donut glaze, while warm and sticky, to create crazy fun breakfast treats.

And what's perfect to serve up alongside a donut bar today? Lucky Charm Crazy Shakes, but of course.

Fill glasses with frozen vanilla yogurt or ice cream, and top with Green River soda, made right here in Chicago. This was my big, special childhood treat when we'd go out for a family dinner...and it matches that green St Patrick's Chicago River perfectly, non?

Top each glass with whip cream, Lucky Charms and our St Pats stripey party straws. Click here to shop.

Next up: Treat Bags.

The very same cookies and candy coins from the donut bar make perfect party favors inside our glassine Treat Bags. Choosing treats, bag styles, and putting these together make fun family traditions and memories together.

Shop these adorable treat bags here.

Next up: Shamrock Guac.

Time to talk cocktail party bites. Fill mini phyllo cups (right inside your grocery store freezer dessert aisle) with our favorite green bite: guacamole. Fast, easy, and delicious. Make sure to fill the phyllo cups just before serving, and guests arrive, as the guac browns fairly quickly.

Lucky you, we've created Good as Gold, Lucky Me party picks to add a dash of St Pat's. To shop Party Picks, click here.

Now, are we ready to talk cocktails?

Dress the bar by tying bright, cheerful Wine Tags onto bottles for sassy Irish style, in seconds.

Every bar, every holiday party, needs stripey straws. Pucker up and click here to shop St Pats party straws.

Cocktail garnish trend: Skewer a few gummies on a party pick, and lay ontop glass. Add a fresh floral bloom to accent the color palette of candy, party pick, or surrounding decor. Voila.

Time to talk Lucky, Over the Rainbow Pots o' Gold. Or, as we call them, confection cubes. We are "over the rainbow" for these sweet treats.

Shop these sweet confection cubes here.

Feeling lucky? Hand it out like candy.

To you, on St Pats, we wish you a day full of love and laughter. May all your clovers have leaves of four, and may your luck be everymore.

Styling, Stationary, Florals, Gifts A Perfect Event

Venue DL Loft

Photography Gerber Scarpelli



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