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This fall, it's all about soft, smokey hues. Let's talk about our love for lavender.

A perfect autumn look - and yet seasonless for the whole year 'round, don't you agree?

Mix lavenders with apricot, ivory and celadon, layered with glimmering hints of gold.

Pro tip: we're obsessed to the sky with this new rose gold flatware by Festive Frog. Gasp!

When finished with your elegant table, move on over to the sweet table.

Autumnal fruit tarts - a delicious diy with tart shells (in the grocery freezer case), lemon curd (jelly aisle) and colorful, fresh fruit like cherry, strawberry, grapes, raspberries and more.

Sweet Toni, of Toni Patisserie, made us our very own DL pressed painted shortbread cookies, complete with tiny easels to display. Sigh...Toni always makes everything better - all the days.

Double gasp - Toni's meringue cream cake topped with fruit, flowers, macaron and more!

Prefer teeny tiny heart meringues to the large, oversize work of art? Toni does those too.

These mini cakes are cookies - stacked and painted and topped with sugar flowers.

Now trending: macaron topiary, gilded in gold leaf and lavender blush sugar blooms.

Cheers to love, lavender and laughter ever after - let's celebrate together this fall.

Tabletop plates, flatware, glassware: Festive Frog

Photography: Gerber + Scarpelli

Linen: BBJ Linen



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