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Where flowers bloom, so does hope. And Easter, is a symbol for hope, and new life.

Though today's holiday celebration is isolated, at home, and for many alone away from family, let's try to celebrate together.

Celebration is important. As is tradition.

Celebrations actually boost our well-being. Celebrating reflects an overall attitude of gratitude and enjoying what we have today, instead of focusing on the future.

Today, if you can, add some flowers to your life. Pick some - even just greens - outside in your backyard. Have some delivered - no contact to the porch - from the neighborhood grocery.

Flowers and plants help us feel joy. They reduce anxiety and depression. They make us smile. We all need more joy and smiles today, and during these weeks.

And with your flowers, please treat yourself today. Be it a coupe full of your favorite french cookies or a sip of a chilled champagne cocktail, you deserve it. We all do.

Help yourself, your family, your neighbors, and your first responders feel your hope and gratitude today.

Hope brings us joy and peace amidst turmoil. It gives us courage, strength and boldness instead of fear. It gives us patience and endurance when we want to quit.

Hope offers confidence in the face of doubt.

We are full of hope. Happy Easter to you.

Flowers, Styling A Perfect Event

Venue DL Loft

Photography Gerber Scarpelli

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