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Tis the season for the tricks and the treats and all the spooky savory and sweets. Now let's get this tasty party started.

Our favorite Taste of Halloween trend this season: The Eyeball Bar. It's chock full of fun, easy diy bites for family and friends of all ages.

First up: Egg Tartines.

This is a fast and easy recipe with 4 grocery to gorgeous ingredients: Baguette, Hard Boiled Eggs, Guacamole, Fresh Thyme.

Slice baguette, toast on cookie sheet in oven until slightly browned. Let cool.

Slice hard boiled eggs.

Just before guests arrive, schmear guacamole onto toasts, arrange on platter or board. Top with sliced egg, and garnish with fresh thyme. Season with fresh ground black pepper.

Have you ever seen cuter bagels for the season? These are from The Bagel Nook in New Jersey, and they ship fresh to your front door.

Click here to order. Oh - and we love these for Thanksgiving brunch too.

And let's talk about fresh and fun food tags for your boo-tiful boo-fet. We love to skewer food tags into mini jack o littles, for a pop of color and style.

Donut broomsticks, my pretties?

Here's more fun diy menu fun. Take a skewer, and 3" long raffia pieces for the "broom". Tie the raffia onto the skewer with twine.

Thread a trio of mini donuts fresh from your favorite bakery or grocery onto each skewer. We loved the color palette of light, bright powdered sugar and cinnamon sugar donuts, alternating on the platter.

Stylist secret: these are easy to make the day before, and wrap tightly with cling wrap to keep fresh.

Pumpkin soup is always an autumnal party favorite. Serve it up in clear plastic party cups painted with sharpies to mimic jack o lantern faces.

Pro tip: google jack o lantern face art online, print onto text weight paper, and hold the white paper inside the cup for traceable artwork.

Mini red peppers stuffed with feta make the perfect eyeball bite - and can be found right in your grocery - right on the deli olive bar.

What do witches eat for Halloween? Why, sand witches of course.

Fried chicken + pimento cheese on mini slider buns for the win. Layer a big ol' schmear of everyone's favorite cheese with big, juicy bites of fried chicken and watch your buffet pop.

The perfect eyeball bite - Caprese Pops.

Top mini mozzarella bites with sliced black olives, and skewer in pairs like eyeballs. Skewer orange mini tomatoes with black olives for additional halloween theme colors and flavors.

Hostess tip: Layer skewers ontop a platter of charcuterie, salamis, and wrapped cheese sticks for an extra pop of color and catering fun.

Let's layer in a bit of healthy produce, shall we? Candy corn parfaits add fresh, bright hues to the boo-fet in just a few minutes, and are easy to make ahead.

In plastic cups, layer candy corn colors with fresh yellow pineapple, fresh orange mandarin oranges, and white whipped cream to finish.

Cavair waffles, anyone? Belgian waffles, cut into strips, become the perfect bite for caviar, sour cream and chopped chives.

Toast the waffles, slice into strips, and fill with fillings just before guests arrive.

Happy halloween friends - we can't wait to celebrate!

Venue: DL Studio

Florals, Stationery: A Perfect Event



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