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Boo. We see you Halloween...and we've got a few tasty tricks to share, making parties pop.

Trick 1 -

Spooky Sweets Board -

Create a candy board by arranging various size vases, glasses and coupes ontop a cutting board. Fill with orange and black candies, and tuck in a few fuzzy velvet spiders and "boo" tags for a haunted halloween dessert display.

Trick 2 -

Trick or Treat Jars -

Fill glass jars (canning jars work best, from grocery in housewares aisle) with favorite candies to create custom colored treat jars.

White candies are perfect candy fillers for a ghost jar - just fill, then cut out black eyes and mouth with black duct tape, or construction paper glued tight to the jar. Add a patterned paper square topper as you screw on the lid, and finish with stripey twine and paper Boo tag.

Pumpkin jars are just as easy with orange candies, and triangular eyes, nose and mouth.

Trick 3 -

Custom Candy Bars -

Wrap colorful large candy bars from the grocery with black and white patterned paper for an extra special trick or treat as friends and neighbors ring the door this holiday.

Trick 4 -

Tissue Candy Pumpkins

We love these easy to make orange tissue pumpkins, filled with colorful candies. Simply cut orange tissue into squares, fill center of square with candies, then gather ends together, twist, and secure with green washi or floral tape. Add a green pipe cleaner "vine", and trick or treat tags to finish.

Trick 5 -

Blood Orange Fizzy -

Halloween treats for grown ups? That means cocktails silly - and we've got you. Mix 1 part vodka (we love our local Chicago Real Russian Vodka) with 2 parts blood orange soda, and garnish with fresh cilantro.

Trick 6 -

Spooky Serving Trays -

Print and cut black and white halloween artwork and layer onto serving trays, secured with double sided tape, for an instant dash of graphic design.

Pro tip -

Mini Mionetto Proseccos - designed with the perfect label for the Halloween theme - and right inside your favorite grocery.

Trick 7 -

Halloween Hues -

Style up orange spray rose bouquets in dark black vases, adding in eerie autumnal textures like spidery seeded eucalyptus to create a fall look.

Trick 8 -

Tricks and Treats -

Glass bottle favors (love the cork toppers) in all shapes and sizes are perfect to fill with coordinated candy colors as to go party gifts.

Wrap colorful washi tape around the base for an extra touch of color and style. Add a ribbon to finish, tagged with No Tricks, Just Treats and more sweet, edible sayings.

Cheers to happy tricks and haunted treats. One more week!

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