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Friends, you’re the apple of my pie. So this holiday season - Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving, all the givings, let’s style up an interactive pretty Pie Bar together. Here we go. 

Nothing says Thanksgiving like pie. Bake your heirloom family recipe up at home, or grab your favorites from your local bakery. From dark chocolate spiced pecan to traditional pumpkin pie, the more flavors for guests to choose from, the better. Click here for our Friendsgiving fun guide with Day Owl Rosé.

No matter the pie flavor, dress them up with whip cream, fresh berries and herbs to garnish. Fill bowls with everything from ginger or cinnamon whip cream (just add ground ginger or cinnamon to fresh whip cream, place in bowls), berries, nuts, pomegranate seeds and more.

Guests love to see and taste something new - and mix and match their favorite flavors and toppings with pies both new and old.

Click here to download our watercolor chic pie bar sign.

Want to make your Thanksgiving holiday shopping a breeze? Click here to download our pie bar shopping list. (and our crostini bar, as well as cocktail recipe cards and more).

Just as fun as celebrating dessert at the pie bar - personalized leftover boxes are the icing on your Thanksgiving "cake".

Send your friends and family home with all their favorites - from turkey to stuffing to sweets.

Cheers to the happy holidays - they are here again - and we are so grateful.

Photography: Gerber + Scarpelli

Venue: DL Loft



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