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Your best friend this holiday season? The no bake, fast and easy appetizer - that doubles as an edible centerpiece. Allow us to introduce: the crostini bar.

We've partnered with Day Owl Rosé to share our top trends and tips for all your Friendsgiving fun. Click here to check out all our happy holiday tricks.

Everyone is hungry for a great tasting appetizer that's no fuss. And this, folks, is it.

Create a stunning display of your favorite cheeses, salamis, produce and toasts in 1, 2, 3. It's as easy as tasting a cutting board or platter, and filling it with trios of bites.

Step 1 - Place three cheeses on board, spacing them out to fill board.

Step 2 - Add three charcuterie like salami, prosciutto, dried chorizo in pretty "piles".

Step 3 - Layer in colorful November fruit like blackberries, sliced figs and peaches. I love the pop of color vegetables give as well: halved heirloom cherry tomato, baby zucchini, olives.

What pairs perfectly with crostini? Well, ahem, with everything? Our favorite California Day Owl Rosé, bien sur.

Fresh burrata, marinated in olive oil, red pepper and parsley makes a gorgeous bite on the crostini board, non?

Guests can schmear their toasts, layer toppings, and create gourmet bites as they celebrate.

Pro tip: drizzle honey ontop cheese: baby brie, stilton and more.

Love all the pretty little details? We do too. Click here to download our oh so chic Crostini Bar watercolor sign.

Ready to work on your happy holiday menus, make your shopping list, and check it twice? Click here for our go-to Crostini Bar shopping list.

Ready for more Friendsgiving fun? The countdown is on - we'll be sharing all month long.

Photography: Gerber + Scarpelli

Venue: DL Loft


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