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Step inside our favorite secret floral shop, Paris.

Maison des Fleurs in St Germain, Paris sits just a few blocks from la Sorbonne, and simply oozes with colorful charm. Buckets spill onto the sidewalk, stacked on vintage tables, and lure you over to linger.

One big trend we're seeing everywhere in Paris is fleurs séchéés, or dried blooms.

From neutrals to brights - to home decor or bridal party flowers - these make such gorgeous bouquets and last forever - what a value.

This! So much texture - and soft wintery hues of silver, green, plum with pops of blush and yellow mimosa.

My favorite detail in this shop's displays are the layers and layers and layers...gasp. Just takes my breath away.

Ranunculus - oh how we love you. And need you. Forever and always.

Blush crush...this soft pink hue is still everywhere in 2020 design - fashion - decor and more.

Hyancinths - to fill your home or party with the prettiest fresh spring scent.

I'm especially drawn to their bouquet wraps - with layers of vintage newspapers, lots of pointed corners, and soft grey tissue. In 2020 its all about neutral details.

Plus pops of bright color - adding a happy, joyful quality to your rooms and parties.

Bonjour de Paris - and the blooms and beauty you'll see often throughout 2020.

Flowers - Maison de Fleurs, Paris

Photography - A Perfect Event



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