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Ever dreamed of dining in the middle of an orchid farm? We sure have...and we're taking you with us to sunny Santa Barbara.

The Field to Vase Dinner Tour is your big, beautiful ticket to the most fantastic, floral explosion fantasy of a dinner you can imagine.

I mean...can you even? I'm here to say every single minute spent here, on

The fun begins, as guests arrive, at the Boutonniere Bar. Hundreds of american grown blooms are ready set for hands on design.

The Field to Vase Dinner story is simple. Share the beauty of american grown flowers, from our local family farms, helping share the importance of buying local, supporting local, and living local.

We love sharing great stories. We love supporting and teaching the importance of local, of american, of supporting family owned business, many now in their third and fourth generations.

Our Debi Lilly Design team is proud to partner with Field to Vase, and travel the country together working to tell the american grown, american flower farm story.

We share the season's top design trends, color palettes, floral design tips, and more in hands on workshops and diy demonstrations.

Best of all, each of our vases, pots, our american grown bouquets and flowering plants, are all available right inside your local Albertsons Safeway stores. How easy is that?

One of my favorite design trends: clustered florals. And pink. I love blush pink everything. I'm trying to hard to choose different colors...but...welp, here I go again.

Want to see more Field to Vase? We'll keep sharing in our next blog post - there are literally 100s more gorgeous pics you need to see. Stay tuned, and happy weekend.

To follow along follow Field to Vase Dinner Tour by clicking here.

Vases by Debi Lilly Design for Albertsons Safeway and Syndicate Sales

Photography by Mariel Hannah

Location: Gallup Stribling Orchid Farm for Field to Vase Dinner Tour

With gratitude to American Grown Flowers



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