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Updated: Aug 20, 2018

To spend an evening surrounded by thousands of gorgeous orchids on the idyllic coast of Southern California...that is the ultimate evening in bloom. Want to step inside? Let's go...

We are so very honored to partner with Field to Vase to share the beautiful story of our American flower farms, and the incredible multi generation families and people behind them. It takes a village - full of hundreds and hundreds of hard working, weather watching, praying for the perfect growing condition watchers.

Thousands and thousands of blooms from all across the country - from greens farms in Florida to double parrot tulip farms in Northern California, graced the pretty dinner tables.

Here's those tulips - gasp. And inside one of our favorite Debi Lilly Design vases, that remind me of sweet Gigi's hobnail glass collections.

Sigh...this is one of my favorite Debi Lilly Design vases...a mix of Gigi's hobnail and jadeite obsession mixed with the classic shape of the iconic Chinese ming vase. And those orchids!

Is it just me, or is each floral and vase combination pure perfection? These clemetis - ahhhh!

Suffice to say, my ultimate evening means flowers everywhere - and that is a Field to Vase Farm DInner.

Orchids were placed at each napkin - adding detail and thoughtful touches.

Chandeliers were hung and adorned with Florida farm greens and California orchids.

At a floral dinner, you sip flower filled cocktails.

And delicious flowery farm salads served in radicchio bowls...upping our salad game forever.

Butter made beautiful with micro greens - remember for your next dinner party. Thanksgiving and the holidays are only three short months away.

We are so in love with our Field to Vase Dinner Tour team - and have 2019 dates to announce on farms coast to coast soon - so follow along and stay tuned for more details.

Follow The Field to Vase Dinner Tour by clicking here.

Vases by Debi Lilly Design for Albertsons Safeway and Syndicate Sales

Photography by Mariel Hannah

Location: Gallup Stribling Orchid Farm for Field to Vase Dinner Tour

With gratitude to American Grown Flowers Inc and all the fabulous farms and farmers



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