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Why do we love Easter Sunday? How do we style Easter Sunday? Let us count the ways...

Growing up, our family Easter Sunday was pure magic. Perhaps my favorite day of the entire year. And all because of one reason: my GGs. My grandparents.

Grandma Gigi has always made everything so special - and so beautiful. Every family holiday, every celebration, every single get together. I've always loved everything Gigi: how she sets a thoughtful, elegant table fit for the queen herself, and full of family heirloom china, silverware, glassware, candlesticks - each with an amazing story of carriages and wedding shopping trips with cherished Great Grandparents, Great Aunts, Great Uncles and more.

Gigi - we named her so when I had baby Lilly, and she was now a proud great grandma - always always set a sweet little party favor at each gorgeous place setting. Easter meant a tiny little basket of jelly beans - and as a child I was always the little shadow at Gigi's side, proudly helping with all the tasks she'd share with me - so filling things with jelly beans was a good mini job. I'll confess right here - just like my grandpa - I love black jelly beans - and always snuck those right into my mouth instead of guest favors...ha!

Our favorite favor for this Easter: bunny macaron. Print or draw mini bunny ears onto white card stock, roughly 2" tall, and cut into mini ears. Tuck into macaron "filling" just before guests arrive, for the perfect spring sweet.

Grandpa GG loved Easter. He made every Easter Sunday morning a picture perfect fantasy.

He would hide candy eggs - jelly beans - foil wrapped kisses - big chocolate bunnies - absolutely everywhere in their house. Everywhere!

Easter morning we'd jump out of bed - run downstairs - more excited than Christmas morning. I swear I probably woke the entire house up before the sun was up, from sheer excitement to see the the candyland wonderland he'd created.

First thing: he'd have us hunt for our hidden Easter baskets. He loved the game of "getting warmer...getting colder" as we hunted all through the house. Second, we'd hunt for our big chocolate bunnies, with the same, funny warm, cold guessing games. And last - candy hunt! My favorite was always the candy covering all the grand piano keys...and candlesticks...and art hanging on the wall...and...and...we'd find candy we missed for the next few weeks!

GG passed away a year ago, age 93. He was such a superhero in our lives. We talk and dream of sweet GG daily, of course, and especially on this weekend, his favorite holiday.

So in honour of GG the great, let's talk candy...cocktails. Turn water into wine - on this holy holiday - or lemonade into Cotton Tails - candy cocktails.

Fill champagne coupes with cotton candy bunny "tails", by creating a round cotton candy puffball shape inside each glass.

Bottles of chilled lemonade, and if you like a splash of vodka, make instant holiday cocktails when poured ontop. Voila!

Next up: Bunny Cakes.

Remember those cute bunny ears we tucked into macs? The same tiny cut outs make perfect cupcake toppers.

Each of these ideas is the perfect family tradition to start with the kids. Help them unplug, join you in the kitchen, and create holiday joy together - just like Gigi helped instill in us.

And sweet GG loved ice cream. Rainbow Sherbet to be specific. Neopolitan was another favorite. Oh how I love serving these up for family celebrations - and carrying on another one of his great, fun filled traditions.

For Easter this Sunday - serve up Bunny Cones. Tuck those same cardstock bunny ears - yes this is the 3rd fun sweet with ears - into a scoop of ice cream, tucked into waffle cones. Yum!

Happy hoppy Easter - may your family traditions bring you great joy. Here's to you GGs. We cherish you, and love you and all the family fun inspiration you give us, to the moon and back. Cheers.

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Photography Gerber Scarpelli



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