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Now trending for a next level holiday soiree: brunch for the bunch a la Pjs n Prosecco.

First impressions are everything, as you know. Dress the foyer with metallics meet garden chic.

Wild ruscus for the win. The twisty, voluminous vine perfectly tucks into stairwells, handrails, above mirrors and more.

All the bar cart goals. Load up each level with gorgeous, abundant blooms as a wow focal point as guests arrive.

Everyone loves a fun photo moment - and this is it.

Set the table with ombre sunshine. Fill vases with a soft palette from light to dark in favorite hues for the season.

Add a hint of watercolor graphics with placecards and menu cards at each setting.

Now to the very best part: the pjs! I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I was, Sunday morning 5 am, to put on pjs and head off to work.

As was everyone else. All the matching mama baby jams...ahhhh, so delish.

Now every pj party needs a photobooth peony garden bed, am I right?

Styled up with all the holiday props, bien sur. Cheers to the parties in the pjs.

Planning, styling, floral, stationery A Perfect Event

Balloon tree Paris 312

Photography Gerber + Scarpelli

Venue DL Loft


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