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Take a peek inside the sweetest wedding moment we could ever dream up...

Meet Abi, the most beautiful and kind, thoughtful bride we ever did see.

She is the true meaning of one of our favorite quotes: "it is not diamonds that are a girl's best friend, but it's your best friends that are your diamonds".

For her September wedding inside gorgeous Revel Motor Row, the bridal party gathered for getting ready hair, makeup and glamour inside the iconic "green room" suite.

This pre party - kicking off the wedding day in high spirits - is always one of my favorite moments.

The girls gather: bride, maids, moms, grandmothers, aunties, flower girls...the whole squad. All of her childhood sidekicks, her family, her college support system, her sun moon and stars. It is so lovely to witness.

As hair and makeup starts and finishes one by one by one, our floral team arrives with big tin buckets full of bridal party bouquets. Yes - yet again - another favorite moment of the day.

Gasp - isn't Abi's bridal bouquet a total stunner?

Just like her? We say yes.

While the bridal party gets ready, the wedding gown always hangs high, on full display. And in total anticipation.

As does the bridal veil...

Ok, now this is the best part, where Abi's wedding day really melts our hearts.

Breaking the typical tradition of dressing together with the whole bridal party group, Abi and her amazing mom, Dana, dressed in a quiet, separate room, together, just the two of them, side by side. Heart melt.

I'm absolutely in love with this magical mother-daughter moment.

So very precious. A moment I will never forget, and will now always share with our brides.

But here's where it gets even better!

Here come the maids - for their very own "first look" - normally reserved for the bride and groom.

Just look at these joyful, elated faces!

So much love.

What a moment.

And can we also talk about all these stunning dresses?


Huge hugs!

And happy applause!

And lots and lots of beaming.

These photos are just beyond.

Queue the bouquets.

Mind beautiful.

Next up, time for a little "we run this" Beyonce background music whilst posing for photos.

There was twirling...

And strutting...

And girl power.

And belting - to Queen Bey's iconic "Love Ontop".

And this, dear friends, is how you gather your girls, prep, dress and start your wedding day.

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Photography Jaclyn Dickens

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