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Does the parent tell the teacher what is wrong with the child?

Absolutely. A group of symptoms still cannot be hidden, because the teacher already in the first days notices that with this child he will have many problems in learning. It is better if the teacher also knows the reasons and prepares for the task. Honest communication can help both the caregiver and the child. One should always ask why a child has problems with this or that, why a child cannot express his opinion on paper? why he seeks help from the authors of the essay (Bidforwriting) We can say from our experience that we observed what was happening with the child all the time. With this, we allow the teacher to accept the child, because his behavior is not annoying, but there are biological reasons for that. we can prevent the child from being called the school bad, class clown (negative circle) or some other bad words. We can save the child from a bad start in writing, let the teacher pay attention to the child so that he can essay help get experience when the child works well we encourage the educator to creatively try out several methods. The symptomatic group of phimosis has characteristic features, but the phimosis child is a unique, original individuality, therefore there is no method that works equally well for all of them. Phimotic children have a very well developed vocabulary because it is very easy for them to cope with writing homework, unlike other children who often have to turn to essay writers for help ( However, with the knowledge of the child, you can put together a set of tools that is best suited for this child, for quality and convenient work. This, of course, requires sincere, constant cooperation between parent and teacher, which takes a very long time in the end.

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