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The Content of the Appeal Against the Decision

The application (appeal) must include a set of information. Data on the Dissertation Council: on the basis of which organization it was organized, as well as the code of the Dissertation Council on the day the decision was made.

Information about the applicant: Last name, first name and patronymic of the person who submitted the application or the full name of the claimant organization. It is important to indicate contact details: phone number, address of location or by registration, e-mail. This information is necessary to inform the applicant about the progress or the final decision.

Information about the decision of the Discussion Council, which is subject to appeal. Here the applicant needs to clarify what exactly he does not agree with and argue his point of view. Violations giving rise to an appeal. The plaintiff should indicate the specific real violations that the Discouncil committed when making a decision.

Signature of the applicant or the head of the organization that is filing the appeal. Proof of arguments and evidence must be attached to the application without fail. It can be photo, audio, video files, minutes of the meeting of the Discouncil.

The appeal will not be considered if it lacks at least one of the mandatory components. Thus, it is possible to challenge the decision of the Discussion Council on awarding/restoring/depriving a degree by contacting the relevant authorities or the court. The application of the applicant will be considered, and then a check will be organized on this fact.

Based on its results, the Higher Attestation Commission, the Ministry of Education of the United States of America or the court will make a final decision on the award / restoration / deprivation of the academic degree to the applicant. During the check, the validity of the decision of the Discussion Council is not taken into account, only the decision-making procedure itself, the correctness of the organization of this event and the presence of violations are checked.

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