Flowers at Home

Flowers at Home

We're bringing the flower farm to you - and shipping our favorite farm blooms right to your front door. We've gathered up the best seasonal flowers growing today in the fields - and sharing them with you at home. Plus, we've created three at home floral workshops - video style - to share all of our floral tips, tricks, and three unique 's design trends. Let's learn together - create together - gather the family or friends together - and share the beauty and power of flowers in our homes and lives. The bouquet is perfect for adding a pop of color in your home, setting the table to celebrate with friends and family (even now if in small groups) or gift to loved ones. All you need to do is order your bouquet, and share in the comments any favorite colors you'd like us to include. We'll do our best to create a collection just for you, using what's in season in the fields. Twenty farm fresh flowers are included each bouquet, as well as flower food, a floral care guide, and our three online video workshop links to access our floral tips and trends.



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