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Want to take a peek inside our Paris Design Tour afternoon photoshoot? Step right up as we sashay along Ile St Louis and the Seine. 

Our Insider's Paris Tour had a focus on design, art, floral and all the lovely french things. One day we toured Maison Objet (world famous gold standard design show open only to the trade), one day we toured Paris's top beauty secrets, one day we immersed ourselves inside the incredible Gustav Klimt expo.

And on my favorite of all the beautiful Paris tour days, we strolled floral shop to floral shop, exploring top trends in Paris, then held a hands on design workshop focused on french tied bouquets, followed by a photoshoot along the Seine.

This is Deb. She's from Chicago, has worked in theater all her life, has incredible style looking like a Chanel ad on the daily, and is one in a million.

Here's our dynamic design duo from Florida, Julie and Lisa, who soaked up every new trend for new homes, new projects, new interiors and more.

And sisters Kathleen and Gloria from NYC - my fellow Hemingway and Midnight in Paris lovers - whom I get to see again in a few weeks when in NY for Bridal Market. Can't wait.

Here's Phoenix, bookstore buyer and stationery guru from Aspen. She's been dreaming of Paris for a dozen years - and we were lucky to stand and walk beside her as she experienced each magical day and arrondissement.

Meet Barbara, who's big wish was to see Tony Bordain's Paris, and worshipped at Shakespeare and Company almost daily, perhaps even more than I do. Remind me to share how many Hemingway, Fitzgerald and Zelda books she carried home to Australia.

And Betsy, from Chicago, who loves champagne like I do, and graced all our days with her kind, caring, always chic style.

Just having finished our floral workshop, designing french tied bouquets, aren't all of these flowers gorgeous?

I miss you, fabulous friends from Paris.

Cannot wait to see you again soon. Our trip together was such a dream.

Pinch me!



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