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Who's wants to see spring everything? And talk trends?

Soft, feminine, graceful details - the top trend for spring.

A nod to clean, simple, joyful living - especially in the hectic political world around us.

Taking time to connect - and gather - to improve our emotional, social and physical self.

Surrounding ourselves with beauty - and bright pops of happy color.

Animals - they make us feel good. They add calm and love, and lower stress and depression.

Especially when they remind us to stop and smell the flowers. Ha!

Flowers make us happy too. A few blooms, a small plant, herbs in the kitchen - it's all good.

Of course we'll choose beautiful blush ranunculus each and every season...

And here's a new one I'm working on: silence. I am really, really bad at this one.

Silence is important. I never gave it much thought before, did you?

More now than ever, we need calm vibes. Take a breath and recenter moments.

It has been shown improve health and boost overall well-being. And from a physiological standpoint, silence helps lower our blood pressure, and prevent heart attacks. Who knew?

Cheers to spring - and all the top trends for living our best 2020.

Styling, Flowers A Perfect Event

Venue DL Loft

Gowns, Accessories Ivory Loft Bridal

Photography Elaine Melko

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