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Serve up snacks and sips that win - for the big game Sunday!

First up:

Guests love sipping mini soda bottles, straight from the six pack carrier dressed in stripey straws. Keep them chilled in the fridge until guests arrive, then place ontop the bar for self service.

These are styled up and perfect for family fun - but you can also place bottles of spirits on the bar for guests to mixology their very own cocktails.

Mix up favorite soda and spirit combinations: whiskey & coke, rum & coke, vodka soda, and more. Guests love to taste test and mix up new flavors and recipes - it becomes fun interactive entertainment during the party.

To add a touch of color and style, place fresh herbs on the bar to tuck into bottles. Fresh mint works perfectly with the Sprite style sodas.

Fresh rosemary works great with the cola sodas.

Next let's talk snacks - the backbone of any Super Bowl party. Serve up mini bites and finger foods that are fast and easy for guests to nosh and enjoy while chatting and checking scores.

Mini BLTs layer tiny toasts, a schmear of sriacha mayo, arugula, cherry tomato half and crispy bacon. Top with a fresh mozzarella ball half for the perfect garnish. This is a perfect room temperature bite to serve up traditional - with bacon - or plant-based - without bacon. Make them ahead, and warm them up just before guests arrive.

Mini pulled pork sliders, anyone? Literally the perfect Kansas City bite - and easy to keep warm on the stove, then layer into mini rolls with slaw toppings and a tiny cornichon pickle off the top, skewered with a toothpick.

Stylist secret:

Place stripey referee style black and white paper liners onto platters and trays for instant football style. You can buy patterned papers at kraft and office supply stores, and measure trays, then cut to size. This is a great job for the kids - get the whole family involved.

Another favorite playing to San Francisco's farm to table and gorgeous produce vibe: mini "pigskins".

Roast mini potatoes in the oven, at 350, about 30 minutes, until soft to the touch. Let cool. Slice down the center with a knife, to make a pocket in each potato. Squeeze sour cream into each pocket (available in squeeze pouches - for fast and easy use), then garnish with bacon, shredded cheese and chopped chives.

Another great SF 49ers dish: chowder bowls.

Fill mini bowls, or regular bowls - whatever you have - with your favorite chowder recipe, then top with a biscuit and fresh herbs. With clam chowder, we love to use fresh dill for garnish.

These we love to prebatch, then place on a cookie sheet, and warm in oven just before guests arrive. Serve with a spoon or fork for easy nibbling.

Last up: snack cones. Using that same black and white striped paper, wrap into a cone shape, and tape at the back of cone to secure. Fill with salty and sweet combination snacks: popcorn drizzled with chocolate, mixed with crunchy dark chocolate covered almonds and peanuts.

Another favorite cone filling: Terra Chips. So much color and crunch - a sure fire party hit.

Go 49ers go! We will be cheering you all the way.

Planning, decor, stationery A Perfect Event

Photography Marcin Cymmer



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