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Ahhh, sweet summer. It's all our Rosé on the Roof dreams come true.

Fact: When we have a night off, we throw ourselves - and our friends - a fabulous party to put all our new ideas into action. I think of all the things, that shows our true party passion.

Our new obsession: our Call for Rosé hotline phone.

Ring ring...

Never, ever enough ranunculus in our let's washi up a wall of them.

And then, ring ring...

We installed this claw foot tub about 10 years ago inside DL Loft...and this tub full of rosé dream just came true.

Day Owl Rosé - our summer sip - fresh from California. Crisp, fruity, beautiful checks all the boxes for the perfect party wine.

Did someone say peonies? Coral charms, oh how we love thee.

And, if you told me a year ago I would never again throw a party without balloons...well, I never, ever would have believed you. Love these organic cloud balloon garlands across a pretty window or wall, don't you?

Peonies falling from the sky? Yep, we love that idea.

Pro tip: tie ribbons to bud vases with a "lip" to easily secure and hang small vases overhead.

Stylist secret: giant, oversize summer floaties make fabulous fast and easy props and decor.

Oh hey summer - let's rosé all the days away, always. Cheers.

Planning, styling, florals by A Perfect Event

Photography by Gerber & Scarpelli

Location DL Loft



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