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Where to begin describing the love and family that is Kristy + Noel...

Let's just say this: She's from Texas. He's from Ireland. They met. They fell in love. And they chose the magical island of Martha's Vineyard to marry, meeting right the middle with friends and family.

Bouquet beauty is Kristy's favorite mix of gorgeous English David Austin garden roses, ranunculus, anemone, fern, gooseneck veronica, silver brunia, and seeded eucalyptus.

Kristy had a vision for a "family tree" that incorporated both of their silhouettes into a tree trunk, showing the roots and branches of their life, and their family. This was so magical to create and design together.

From the Whaling Church in Edgartown, happy newlyweds Kristy and Noel take their first steps into the gorgeous gardens and reception at Daniel Fisher House, next door.

For the reception, the couple wanted to shift the color palette from bright, neutral whites, ivories and greens, to deep, rich fall colors and jewel tones.

Custom coasters? Hilarious Texan and Irish sayings? Yep, we do that. Make your bar the life of the party...from rehearsal dinner to reception to Sunday Brunch.

Wedding Trend: Boats as raw bar ice buckets. Yes please.

The happiest of times, taking their first twirl on the dancefloor as husband and wife.

Kristy and Noel, thank you for letting us be part of the magic. We miss you already.

Planning, styling, florals, stationery by A Perfect Event

Church, Old Whaling Church, Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard

Venue Daniel Fisher House, Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard

Photos by Jocelyn Filley



The couple wanted to change the color palette for the reception from bright, neutral whites, ivories, and greens to deep, rich fall hues and jewel tones. This was done in order to make the celebration more festive. doodle baseball


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