I feel the need to be transported. To an endless field of tranquil beauty. Anyone else?

Anytime we're on a flower farm, we are in heaven. And when we throw our annual Field to Vase Dinners with American Grown Flowers, the dinner date is set at the peak bloom of the fields, so the flowers are extra next level gorgeous.

Gasp. This is two thousand acres of blooming flowers.

Two hundred guests.

One 200-foot dining table.

Thousands of stems of stock, dahlias, delphinium, larkspur, Bells of Ireland and Queen Anne’s Lace. 

Each setting featured a handtied cluster of dahlia and larkspur, to welcome each guest to the table.

And - not pictured in this magical fantasy scape - all the coastal breezes that literally blew up this table just hours before the party started. From linens going straight up in the air, flowers blown off the table tops, dinner menus flying into the field - it was quite the challenge. God love predictable pacific coast weather - which to the very minute forecast - finally quieted and cooperated.

Now back to our regular scheduled programming, and pretty party details.

Such beauty!

And beauties!

I mean...this produce. Have you ever?


A rainbow of tomato.

And the endless waves of summer stock waving in the breeze...