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T-2 days until Easter...

We're here to share all the fast, fun DIYs to whip up this weekend before Sunday. With these 5 festive ideas, you'll be a total party pro in no time.


Rise, shine and Crazy Easter Donuts. Breakfast on weekends means donuts, right? Well, in my family it does anyway, going way, way back. And you know how we love keeping the traditions rolling across all the new generations...

Well here and now we're launching Crazy Easter Donuts. Gather the kids, the family, the neighbors for a very easy breakfast before the egg hunt. Fill your counter with your favorite donuts (again, we always run to our neighborhood Jewel Osco bakery), sheets of parchment to decorate ontop of (fast and easy clean up is always trending), tubes of vanilla icing to act as "glue" (we buy ours right in the baking grocery aisle), and bowls of candies, broken up bits of cookies (we used animal crackers and vanilla sandwich cremes) and decorate your donuts to the max.

Just squeeze icing onto donut, then layer on candies and cookies. Icing will hold it in place.

DIY #2 : Candy Cake

This is the cutest DIY ever. And the perfect family project. An amazing new Easter tradition.

I have so many childhood magical Easter memories spent with my GGs (grandparents), who would stay up late hiding our baskets, chocolate bunnies, and tiny pieces of candy all over the house for an all out sugar rush scavenger hunt Easter morning. I try hard to recreate these memories with my own kids - and making this cake together is the ticket for all ages.

All your fave Easter candies are stacked on top of one sweet cake. Choose your favorite bakery cake (ours is from our bakery neighbor Jewel Osco) and jazz it up in minutes with your kids, family, or your favorite peeps. Just stick candies right into the cake icing - voila.

Stylist tip: choose light, small candies. Heavy, large candies are much harder to stay upright on the sides of the cake.

DIY #3 : Easter Egg Bowls

Place a colorful assortment of different eggs in a small bowl and set at each placesetting. We used a combination of painted eggs, wooden eggs, and candy eggs.

This is another great project for the kids - let's get them to unplug and join in the family traditions, shall we? They can help open cabinets to find the small bowls, help color the eggs, and create each small bowl layering sizes and colors.

And how fun are the Peeps placecards? Click here to see more on our favorite DIY making Peeps guest names.


Any party starts at the bar. So let's add some spring style, and dress it up a bit.

- A pretty floral in the center as a focal point adds some drama.

- Create themed specialty cocktails and write names into frames, so guests can easily see what's being served up.

- Colorful straws always add a pop of color, and instantly add a fun element to drinks.

- Have glassware, bottles, and any ingredients needed for drinks in easy reach of guests.


The key to a gorgeous cocktail? All the pretty.

Make berry ice cubes ahead of time, by placing fresh raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries in ice trays. Fill with water, and freeze. Add to cocktail just before guests arrive.

Rosé Fizz Recipe:

Mix 1 part Ruby Red Grapefruit juice to 2 parts Rosé wine. We always serve up a French Cotes de Provence, which is such a light, pale rose style. This is Cote des Roses - Gérard Bertrand, which we picked up inside Jewel Osco...clearly our one stop shop, ha ha.

To serve up, pour juice and rosé into punch bowl or pitcher. Add sliced citrus, sliced Starfruit (now in season - yay!), fresh mint. Just before guests arrive, add berry ice cubes to top.

Happy Easter weekend everyone!

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Make fruit ice cubes ahead of time by putting fresh blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries on ice trays. baldi's basics


Create fruit ice cubes in advance by arranging fresh raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries into ice trays. Add water to the container and let it to freeze. Include in the cocktail mixture just before the guests arrive. geometry dash online

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