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Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is not cancelled. And love always wins.

While not the wedding Amanda and Andrew had originally planned for 2020, a teeny tiny "mini-mony" microwedding in many means even more.

With just a handful of your immediately family and friends by your side, and just a few intimate details to plan, the small ceremony slows things down a little, and allows you to be even more present and soak up every single minute without distraction.

Amanda chose a soft neutral palette with ivory, blush and gold hues.

Gorgeous english garden roses, summer stock, ranunculus, eucalyptus and more created a focal point along with DL Loft picture window ledge.

Is it just me, or do these flowers have all the pretty summer creamsicle vibes? always steal the show. Every time!

Ready, set and waiting for his stunning bride like...

Amanda's bouquet was a bridal blush dream of garden roses, ranunculus, summer stock, and accents of ruskus and southern smilax.

Andrew's boutonniere was composed of blush pink spray roses, with ruskus, silk ribbon and black "button" pearl pins.

Pass the tissues...this photo really captures the heartfelt moment, non?


And may kiss the bride - always our favorite moment!

Family is everything - and especially so - in times like these.

Time to toast the happy couple - and nothing says celebrate like a vintage coupe champagne tower!

Stylist secret: stack champagne coupes on a mirror or tray to create a "frame" and make the display pop in a more cohesive look.

Cheers to love!

Love is sweet - and so is this darling two tier cake, adorned with stunning spring blooms and wispy southern smilax.

Pro tip: bar carts are the perfect diy cake tables. You can wheel the cake right into place when needed, if space is tight. Display the cake on a cake stand, and tie a beautiful silk ribbon with a hint of greens around the cake knife, add 2 forks for Mr. and Mrs., and a plate to place the cake slice on, for the perfect styled touch. You can then tuck the bar cart out of the way when finished.

Oh how we love wedding bars dressed with an icy, flower filled champagne bowl!

DIY style: fill your champagne bowl or chill tub with champagne bottles (or whatever you choose to serve). Next, fill with ice. Last, top with scattered rose petals, stock petals, or mini floral blooms just before guests arrive.

Cheers to the newlyweds, Amanda and Andrew. We loved every minute together, creating your wedding day, and bringing your marriage to life in DL Loft. Thank you, and best wishes.

Florals: A Perfect Event

Venue: DL Loft



top with scattered rose petals, stock petals, or mini floral blooms just before guests arrive. drift boss


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