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Oh hey boo-tiful. If you have it, haunt it. Time to get ready, set, halloween - it's ghoul times ahead.

We've gathered up our favorite do it yourself trends, tricks and treats just for you, boo.

Treat - Sweet Skeletons

Fill glass jars with 3 layered sweets to create a spooky skeleton snack. First, place a mini brownie in bottom. Stack white yogurt covered pretzels ontop, leaving room for a marshmallow "skull". With black icing marker, draw a face on the marshmallow, then place inside. Tie with stripey string and a RIP tag to finish.

Treat - Candy Corns

Layer tri color candies inside glass ball jars (available right in the grocery aisle, in housewares), following the order of candy corn (yellow, orange, white). For variation, you can add in peach and softer pastel hues as well. Cut tissue or text weight patterned paper into a square to adorn the top of jar, screw on lid. Cut ribbon to add finishing touch to rim of lid, tape or glue into place.

Treat - Pumpkin Crudité

On a white platter, create a round pumpkin shape out of baby organic carrots. Cut triangles of yellow summer squash for eyes, nose, mouth, and layer ontop carrots. Finish with a few sugar snap peas for stem. Serve with your favorite healthy hummus or dip for a fun, good for you treat.

Trick - Spider Ice

Fill ice trays with plastic spiders and snakes, then add water to fill. Freeze overnight until firm.


Treat - Candy Corn Parfaits

Layer lemon, peach and vanilla yogurts into small glasses, adding a candy corn garnish to finish. To dress up glasses, add silk ribbon to stems for a pop of color.

Treat - Spooky Sweet Branches

Fill glass vase with branches for a dramatic, themed centerpiece. Hang glass votive cups in branches, and fill with macarons, small cookies or sweets.

Trick - Ghost Leaves

Gather up favorite leaves outside with the kids, and paint white with acrylic paint. Let dry. Draw three circles for eyes and a mouth with a black permanent marker. Boo!

Trick - Pumpkin Vases

Fill our Debi Lilly Design glass vases with favorite Halloween candies - like candy corn in regular and caramel flavors for two color variations. Place our Debi Lilly Design velvet pumpkins - or regular mini pumpkins - ontop candy for a fast and easy centerpiece or gift.

Just a few more days...a happy haunting and party prep to you and yours.

Planning, florals, styling, stationery, photography: A Perfect Event

Venue: DL Loft



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