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Step inside the 10th anniversary of the world's most epic floral fantasy: Chelsea in Bloom, London. Simply put: this is a joy bomb...the most beautiful walk around you could ever dream up.

Chelsea in Bloom is a floral art show where 88 storefronts along King's Road, Sloane Square, and the ultimate pedestrian charmer: Pavillion Road transform their exterior, and often interior windows, for a few days only in conjunction with the world famous Chelsea Flower Show.

Imagine strolling all day long among an explosion of delicious, fresh blooms, every few steps you take.

Each year a unique theme creates a love story through the streets. This year's 10th anniversary theme: Under the Sea.

The underwater theme highlighted not only the wealth of inspiration but also, almost more importantly, the need to spotlight efforts to conserve and protect our oceans.

Chelsea in Bloom partnered with charity Plastic Oceans UK, whose aim is to stop plastic pollution reaching the oceans within a generation. Many displays created a beautiful yet heartbreaking display sharing the ocean pollution challenge.

Produced in association with the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), the annual competition has grown dramatically each year, with Chelsea’s best retailers, restaurants and hotels adorning themselves with creative designs to compete for the coveted awards.

I watched every single day on this corner, to see how long these gorgeous hydrangea could last in full blasted hot sun each day...and frankly, it was amazing - they looked perfect for days!

Many displays create an interactive element, for pedestrians to jump into, and become a part of the narrative.

Each storefront partners with a florist (or is a famous florist, as shown above) to reflect their own unique interpretation of the theme.

The displays are judged by an expert panel, as well as a People’s Champion, chosen by open voting via this website.

Who thought we'd ever see so many octopus floral creations floating about London?

A sea themed Iron Throne, a la the world famous Game of Thrones...perfect for posing.

One of my favorite moments was walking the streets and square the day prior to the opening day, watching designers create all the structures, mechanics, and surrounded by 100s of buckets of fresh blooms.

Harry's Dolce Vita, next to Harrod's, always, always has one of the best interactive displays.

This was one of our favorites: with clever shoe fish, under the sea topiary, knitware and cashmere creatures and more.

Ahhh - another clever, happy installation - featuring two heart eyed octopus in love.

One of the best details in the Under the Sea theme, seeing a glimpse of so much deep down beauty, usually reserved for deep dives in the dark blue waters.

Favorite windows created movement with outdoor exterior designs that transcended the glass inside as well. Every single dream and idea was so well styled and magificent.

Many designs wrapped down entire lengths of buildings - spanning four or five storefronts.

One of my favorite corners - and organic, poetic displays.

Sloane Square itself, just blocks from where I studied in college, is chock full of stunning displays to walk through and savor, but also themed pop up bars, featuring just released Chelsea in Bloom capsule collection gins and spirits. Our favorite sip: Rhubarb Rose Gin.

Lovely La Perla featured - of course - feathered seahorses, matching their soft, pastel lingerie collection in the steamy window.

Chelsea in Bloom - bravo to you - once again! See you again next May.

Stay tuned for our May 2020 Chelsea Flower Show Tour launch - coming up next. Asap.



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