Taylor Korjenek

Photo: Emilia Schobeiri

Taylor Korjenek


From styling up parties in my parents’ basement at age 6, friends’ birthday brunches throughout college, to amazing cocktail parties now and forever – I was born a party planner extraordinaire. I put the icing on the cake earning my degree in Hospitality Management, and now manage and design dreamy client events, weddings and parties on the daily.

My expertise lies in creating flawless, one of a kind events. I am a firm believer that, “It’s all in the details” and that no task is too big, no vision is unreachable, and the more love that goes into an event, the better! 

Lucky for me, I am a life long local and resident expert on the city streets and busy sidewalks of Chicago. This city is bursting with inspiration around every corner and I am never short to find it. 

I live for pretty things, celebrating, and surrounding myself with cheerful people. I absolutely adore my job and find it challenging to believe I was meant to do anything else.