Chip off the ol' Valentine

Chip off the ol' Valentine

I am often asked where I got my start.

Where did I first fall in love with throwing parties?

How did I find my passion?

Well, look no further.


My grandmother, my precious Gigi, has herself, at her beyond beautiful age
of almost 86, has thrown a very Valentine ladies’ luncheon this week.

Please note, her perfectly set dining table.

The very same table, which I grew up gathered ’round, grew up helping to
set, grew up dreaming of the next fantastic family holiday celebration.

The china, the silver, the crystal, which I loved to be “in charge” of
setting alongside her.

Each and every single piece has a story.

And I would listen, wide eyed, hanging on her every word, as she recounted
the tale behind every last piece as she pulled them, one by one, from her
three glistening, glorious china cabinets.

The stories, the fabulous, colorful stories, of her grandmother, and her
mother, and their riding horse and buggy to the big city to buy these very
goods generations before her.

Look now, at her red Valentine heart pincushions.

Set lovingly, centered at each placesetting, adorned with dainty, perfectly
placed stick pins.

She knit each one by hand. Probably worked on them nonstop, for weeks and

That’s my Gigi.

That’s how I got my start.

Thank you Gigi.

(and be sure to check instagram, to see the happy handmade gifts my mother
sent for not one, but the last two weeks…another amazing woman who taught
me everything else I know.)

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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What made my Valentine's Day…

What made my Valentine's Day...

We all know it.

Make sure, of all days, to make it happen today.

The greatest gift we can give?


A thoughtful gesture.



It only takes a few kind words to make someone’s day.

No matter what I could have dreamed up, as the most perfect Valentine’s

From anywhere, everywhere around the entire globe…

Even from Paris…

Nothing can beat this.

It means the whole world.

Merci beaucoup Christine.

How are are you sharing your love this Valentine’s Day?

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DIY Valentines with Glossed and Found

DIY Valentines with Glossed and Found


Let the red, black, and white Valentine fun begin.


Make that the ol’ fashioned kind of bygone, ephemera fun.

We spent last Friday filming our DIY Valentine Crafternoon – with cocktails
– bien sur – with favorite friends Graham, Emily and Tim from the oh so
gorgeous magazine, Glossed and Found.

I quite liked bubbly cocktail-ing all afternoon at A Perfect Event.

One could get used to that sort of thing.

So much fun for you, friends, and family is just one zippy click away.

Now go.

Cheers to you, Valentine.

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Very Merry Valentines


Are you having the most darling day?



I L.O.V.E. Valentine’s Day.



As a child – I LIVED for this day.



My mom and I would craft the loveliest handmade Valentines for my classmates – with red and white layered lacey doilies, foil wrapped chocolates glued into the center.



I would concentrate – biting my lip – as I made sure to use my BEST cursive as I listed “to” and “from” above and below each freshly pasted shiny chocolate heart.



Fast forward a few thirty plus years, and all weekend the kids and I worked on their Valentines, making sure their class roster and teacher list was checked once, re-checked twice, and everyone would have a special sweet treat today.



Now, I won’t detail my dismay that all my kids wanted – errr – INSISTED on giving their friends was store bought, pre-packaged, tear apart Valentines featuring Phineas and Ferb, 3D Hologram Puppies and Kitties, and Mr. Happy rub on tattoo cards.



I put up a fight at first.



But then realized I was not being a very cool mom.



Children really do magically make every single holiday.  Beyond special.



All of these images – the cards, the drawings, the paintings, the sculptures…were all handmade the last few weeks in Suzy Persons’ amazing art class.  They study different artists each week, then emulate their great works with tiny hands.



They have been bringing them home – and RUSHING to hide them in their rooms.  Somewhere I would NEVER, ever possibly find them.



I would never dream of looking for them.  I absolutely LOVE surprises.



Truly, simply – I just couldn’t believe my eyes this morning, as all the works of art large and small were unveiled.



Happy Day Valentine.

Sweets and Treats to you and yours.

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