Bonjour de Paris, Maison et Objet


Bonjour de Paris.

Where everything is beautiful.

The land of incredible design at every turn.

Les interieurs.

The interiors.

And above, this is simply a pop up shop – open only for a week for Maison Objet, Paris Deco.


Even outside.

The streets.

The lampshades hang above the famous fabric design boutiques like Pierre Frey, Manuel Canovas, Sanderson, in St Germain, and along rue de Mail in the 2nd arrondissement.

So magical, non?

Each lampshade lists the maison/design company’s name at the bottom as you walk underneath.

Again, temporary, just for the week.


And then there is the show – Maison Objet – it’s a designer’s dream.


Pure fantasy.


From products.

To displays.

To colors.

To trends.

To residential design layouts.


Everything is so beautiful, I have to drag myself out…even after landing from a 7 hour overnight flight, heading right to Maison, checking my carry on, and walking all 8 buildings for hours, and hours, and hours…

Til I start to get all woozy.

From so much beauty.


Here’s to amazing, breathtaking, fantastique new design!

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